Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Show was Success

* It was great to meet all of you at the Car Show at Dodd Stadium this past Sunday. We will also be at the Car Show that G-Force is helping put on on the 30th. We'll have more info on directions, but we believe it will be at the Orange Fairgrounds in Orange, CT.
* Meanwhile, alot of interest was generated at this show. We ran out of fliers... twice! One thing we have to do a better job at is to make people realize that this is to be a fun event in which ANYBODY can participate. Yes, we want the fast cars, the modified cars, but we also want the guys with the stock daily drivers also. Anybody, and we mean anybody with any street car can enter and have a good time and be competitive. Some people were under the impression that if they didn't have a muscle car, they couldn't compete. Not true... we have classes where everybody has a place to race fairly and have a chance to win a trophy.
* Anyway, we still were pleased to the response we got from our upcoming event. Spread the word! the more successful this event is, the better our chances are that we can come back on a regular basis. More later... e-mail us with questions and comments. Jay

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