Friday, December 21, 2007

Waterford dates confirmed

* The Waterford 2008 Season will consist of 7 dates, once per month. It will be easy to remember... All events will be the 3rd Sunday of each month from April to October.
* We are still working on Long Island venues and dates. We will know more after the 12th on next month.
* Keep checking our website at for further news and info.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Waterford 2008 Dates

* Our website is up and running ( ) ! We are still keeping the blog because we think there will be some use for it... we'll see. Meanwhile, we're new at putting together websites (it's our first one) so needless to say we are going through a learning curve. We posted a picture on it last night, and we're trying to learn how to put a pictures page in. Meanwhile, our plans are to change the one picture we have on right now frequently.
* WATERFORD DATES: We are still waiting for the Speedbowl to give us official dates, but it appears that every 3rd Sunday of the month from April to October will be available. When this is confirmed by Speedbowl management, we will pass it on to you. They are in the process of finishing their schedule.
* LONG ISLAND: We still are looking to get things going on Long Island... we haven't forgotten you!!! We have a concrete and credible lead. Check the website for more details.

Friday, November 30, 2007

2008 Season

* Just a quick note here... more to come later. We are waiting for the Speedbowl to give us available dates in 2008. We are looking at 7 events, once a month starting in April (that's only 5 months). We should know more by next week. We are also looking at additional dates at other locations.
* The thoughts right now are for each race to have a theme. One event would be a Mustang event, another could be a diesel shootout, another a street rod runoff, etc. We would include a car show (or truck show) for each "theme" . ALL CARS are eligible for the 100 foot drags... there would just be an additional race for whatever theme cars we have. Any clubs interested in getting tied in? Let us know.
* While this blog was helpful, we really need a website. I'm doing my best to put one together, again by next week. The address will be posted when that happens, but it looks to be (basically the same as the blog, but without the "blogspot").

Monday, November 12, 2007

Thank you Everybody!

* To all of you that attended our shows, THANK YOU! This was a great start for the 100 foot drag racing concept. There is so much we accomplished, and you were all a part of it.
* We're coming back next season! We are discussing what our plans will be for next season, but our best guess is that we will be doing this once a month on Sundays at the Speedbowl starting in April (that's only 5 months away!) for about 7 events. This is only in the talking stages, dates are not cast in stone yet! We are always looking for other venues, so there could be more in CT besides the ones at the 'Bowl. We are also looking at some venues on Long Island, so we could be in for a busy summer.
* Stay in touch with us! Keep an eye on our blog for upcoming information and events. We are talking of getting together with all of you this January with some kind of a movie party. We're going to see if Dennis Tate can put together some old time drag movies, plus any footage from our two events. This would also be a good time to do some "bench racing", plus you could get a chance to ask us any questions about the upcoming season.
* Thanks again to everybody! Stay in touch! Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

We're Racing Sunday!

* Mother Nature and the Weather Channel kicked us in the teeth! We apologize to those that showed today, but we had no choice but to cancel today's event. The forecast all week long calling for rain on Friday and Saturday took it's toll. With the rains actually coming last night, and in many places this morning as predicted, most people had assumed today's event was never going to happen and didn't want to make a trip only to be turned away.
* So the good news!
* We will open the gates at 10am, test & tune at 12 noon, eliminations at 3pm. Judging by the phone calls and the feedback today, we expect a good turnout. The weather will be great, most people that worked today have off tomorrow. If you have any questions, call at 631-991-1614. Yes, it's a Long Island number, but the phone is with us! Jay

We're racing!

* Just a quick note. It's 7am as this is being written... the races are on, and the forecast seems to be ok. If there is any question, call the track at 860-442-1585, or our biz phone at 631-991-1614. We're hitting the road now to get the the track, so this may be the last posting for the weekend, as we will be away from the computer.
* Hope to see you all this weekend. Jay

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Racing this weekend!

* Our second and final race event for the season is here! We're excited with all the response we're getting, and more importantly, the future of this venue of Drag Racing for next season. It has a very bright future!
* The weather forecast has been driving us nuts, but for right now we are told that the chances of rain have dropped to 10% each day, which virtually means we'll be racing both days. If there is any question, call the 'Bowl at 860-442-1585, or our biz phone at 631-991-1614.
* We fixed our glitches. Things should go smoother for racing. As mentioned in a previous posting, we fixed the timing problems. We found things reversed which screwed up timing slips, and for that we apologize. Most people knew it was teething problems for our event and had a great time anyway. Reaction times and lanes receiving wins and losses are now fixed.
* Racing format - We're going to run test and tune on both days from noon 'til 2:30. Eliminations start at 3pm. Everybody gets to run two events (except Mustangs on Sunday..they get a third). The first event is like the first... everybody runs heads-up in one of four indexes. They are still the same - 2.00, 2.50, 3.00, & 3.50. It seemed to make racing close, and it kept racing fair. When that event is done, all the cars will come back out and race in a bracket style event. All cars of different indexes will run against each other and be handicapped according to the index they ran before. Example: if a 2.50 car is lined up against a 3.50 car, the slower car will get a one second head start. The winners will stay on the track, the losers will go off until there are two cars left. Winner gets the trophy. The Mustang Shootout will run the same format. Some of them will be faster than others, so the slower ones will get a head start.
* Next year. While it's too soon to determine what's in store for next year, but the bottom line is that we plan on doing this on a regular basis at the 'Bowl next year. We also want to tie ourselves in with car clubs and their events. We feel this arrangement could be a great benefit for both parties. But first, let's get this weekend in!
* Directions: For those coming for the first time, directions to the track are pretty simple. You will most likely be coming from interstates 95 or 395. The track is located on route 85 in Waterford, CT. The simplest way to give directions is this: there is a route 85 exit on both interstates. Take that exit and go the opposite direction from New London. The track is right down the road.
* Looking forward to seeing all of you Saturday and Sunday!