Thursday, November 8, 2007

Racing this weekend!

* Our second and final race event for the season is here! We're excited with all the response we're getting, and more importantly, the future of this venue of Drag Racing for next season. It has a very bright future!
* The weather forecast has been driving us nuts, but for right now we are told that the chances of rain have dropped to 10% each day, which virtually means we'll be racing both days. If there is any question, call the 'Bowl at 860-442-1585, or our biz phone at 631-991-1614.
* We fixed our glitches. Things should go smoother for racing. As mentioned in a previous posting, we fixed the timing problems. We found things reversed which screwed up timing slips, and for that we apologize. Most people knew it was teething problems for our event and had a great time anyway. Reaction times and lanes receiving wins and losses are now fixed.
* Racing format - We're going to run test and tune on both days from noon 'til 2:30. Eliminations start at 3pm. Everybody gets to run two events (except Mustangs on Sunday..they get a third). The first event is like the first... everybody runs heads-up in one of four indexes. They are still the same - 2.00, 2.50, 3.00, & 3.50. It seemed to make racing close, and it kept racing fair. When that event is done, all the cars will come back out and race in a bracket style event. All cars of different indexes will run against each other and be handicapped according to the index they ran before. Example: if a 2.50 car is lined up against a 3.50 car, the slower car will get a one second head start. The winners will stay on the track, the losers will go off until there are two cars left. Winner gets the trophy. The Mustang Shootout will run the same format. Some of them will be faster than others, so the slower ones will get a head start.
* Next year. While it's too soon to determine what's in store for next year, but the bottom line is that we plan on doing this on a regular basis at the 'Bowl next year. We also want to tie ourselves in with car clubs and their events. We feel this arrangement could be a great benefit for both parties. But first, let's get this weekend in!
* Directions: For those coming for the first time, directions to the track are pretty simple. You will most likely be coming from interstates 95 or 395. The track is located on route 85 in Waterford, CT. The simplest way to give directions is this: there is a route 85 exit on both interstates. Take that exit and go the opposite direction from New London. The track is right down the road.
* Looking forward to seeing all of you Saturday and Sunday!

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