Thursday, November 1, 2007

Call your Friends!

* The next show is right around the corner! We had a great start for our first show, and we would like to end this season with a bang. We could use everybody's help. We're not a mega-million dollar corporation, but rather a grass-roots operation. We could use help from every one of you to help promote this event by phoning everybody you know to get cars and spectators. If our upcoming event is as successful as the last, we will definately be doing this on a regular basis next season (and spring is only 5 months away!). Please take the time to call anyone and everyone you know to help promote this event! Thank you.
* We have fixed the computer glitches, and we are most likely going to have "win" lights, solving alot of problems. We're also working on a better printer for the time slips.
* For those of you in Car Clubs, we are definately interested in doing a combo "Car Show/100 Foot Drag Event with you. We would be a tremendous draw for each other, and the combination would be a home run.
* Don't forget we will be on TV Friday in eastern NY, and southwestern CT on Monday! The show is "Cars & Us", and they will be filming our Nov 10th & 11th event which will be aired a week or two later. They are currently filing paperwork so that the show can be aired in the eastern part of CT. Regardless, DVD's will be available of both shows.
* Any questions? Call us at 631-991-1614, or write us at .

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SplitSecondDsm said...

Can we please make it a rule that burn-outs are to be done at the directed stagging area, NOT in the line of cars, and enforce this??? Most of the people who came last time have never even been to a track before, and it was pretty annoying looking at the sideways 68 camaro or fwd honda next to me about to plow into my car. Respect is a huge part of racing, and I just want to keep my shit safe!

See you all at the next race!

black 91 talon