Monday, November 12, 2007

Thank you Everybody!

* To all of you that attended our shows, THANK YOU! This was a great start for the 100 foot drag racing concept. There is so much we accomplished, and you were all a part of it.
* We're coming back next season! We are discussing what our plans will be for next season, but our best guess is that we will be doing this once a month on Sundays at the Speedbowl starting in April (that's only 5 months away!) for about 7 events. This is only in the talking stages, dates are not cast in stone yet! We are always looking for other venues, so there could be more in CT besides the ones at the 'Bowl. We are also looking at some venues on Long Island, so we could be in for a busy summer.
* Stay in touch with us! Keep an eye on our blog for upcoming information and events. We are talking of getting together with all of you this January with some kind of a movie party. We're going to see if Dennis Tate can put together some old time drag movies, plus any footage from our two events. This would also be a good time to do some "bench racing", plus you could get a chance to ask us any questions about the upcoming season.
* Thanks again to everybody! Stay in touch! Happy Thanksgiving!

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