Saturday, December 15, 2007

Waterford 2008 Dates

* Our website is up and running ( ) ! We are still keeping the blog because we think there will be some use for it... we'll see. Meanwhile, we're new at putting together websites (it's our first one) so needless to say we are going through a learning curve. We posted a picture on it last night, and we're trying to learn how to put a pictures page in. Meanwhile, our plans are to change the one picture we have on right now frequently.
* WATERFORD DATES: We are still waiting for the Speedbowl to give us official dates, but it appears that every 3rd Sunday of the month from April to October will be available. When this is confirmed by Speedbowl management, we will pass it on to you. They are in the process of finishing their schedule.
* LONG ISLAND: We still are looking to get things going on Long Island... we haven't forgotten you!!! We have a concrete and credible lead. Check the website for more details.

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