Friday, August 3, 2007

Waterford, CT event is confirmed!
This will be on a Sunday, September 16th. We will have more info in the next week, but right now we will be running the same basic format as before, but with a twist. Our format had one open heads-up "Pro Street" money class, and one trophy division for all cars, running either in indexes or bracket style handicapping. We are now looking into a second money class for street legal front wheel drive imports. The current Pro-Street class heavily favors American Iron, rear wheel drive cars. We'll have more in the next few days and post it.
For those who have rumors about August events at the Coliseum, for now they are not happening. It could happen in the future, but we're not counting on it. They have to eliminate the "need" for $21,000 of extra union help that has no use to a parking lot event (I'm still waiting for an explanation). We are still looking diligently for a venue to do this on Long Island, and that day will come, but for right now we are concentrating on the CT event.
More in a new posting in a couple days... Jay
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