Saturday, August 18, 2007

Waterford Event date pushed to October
* When we did our last posting, we set the date for the Waterford event Sept. 16th. We found out later that there were conflicts with other events. Working with Bill at the Speedbowl, the best dates we could come up with are in October. The plan is Saturday the 13th with a rain date of the 20th. We are also looking at a test and tune session the night before on Friday the 12th.
* Word of mouth works great for an event like this. We would appreciate it if all of you spread the word about this event, as well as this blog. When we were promoting the July 13th event at Nassau Coliseum, it was amazing how many people were faxing entry forms, sending e-mails, and burning up the phone lines. We are looking for you to help us by doing the same. Your help will enable us to put on future events. Drag racing coming back to Connecticut on a regular basis could definately become a reality, and this October event will be the start of it.
* The rules for all participants will be posted soon, and they will be the same simple format we started with in Long Island. All cars have to be street legal, legitimately registered, insured, muffled, DOT tires (yes, ET Streets, etc. are acceptable) and inspected. In other words, all cars have to be able to be legally driven to and from the track. Big motors, NOS, Turbos, blowers, and whatever are fine as long as your car meets the "street legal" criteria.
* More in a couple days... phone calls and e-mails are always welcome. Sponsorship opportunities are available! Jay

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