Monday, August 20, 2007

... Many of you that have not seen or heard of 100 foot drags are probably scratching your head and wondering how a race can be held in that short of a distance. Well, it works, and it works very well. However, as the old adage goes, seeing is believing.
... A month before our aborted Coliseum attempt (see our first July posting), we ran a one hour demo race at the Sterling Automotive Car Show in Hauppauge, Long Island. We set up the clocks behind the building of the show... nobody even knew we were there until we started to run a few cars. A half hour went by, and we looked... a line of cars had formed. People were all over the place. Nobody was at the show... everybody, and we mean everybody was with us watching cars doing time shots.
... The results? Once the drivers ran it, once the spectators saw it, they got it! Not one negative comment! Not one! Everybody loved it, and once they saw it, everything we said made sense. The end result for us is that we got more results than 10,000 fliers could ever do. The buzz it created all over the Island was nothing short of amazing. All comments were absolutely positive, and people were glad to see the possibility of drag racing coming back, and our 100 foot format was going to make that possible.
... So, where do we need your help? With our event coming up at the Speedbowl, it is imperative that we get a demo race in somewhere, at a car show, a cruise, a parking lot of a speed shop or automotive store, or anywhere. A one or two hour event in the near future is all we need. This will help us succeed in October. A successful event at that time could very well be a catalyst for more frequent (weekly?) events next year. Wouldn't it be great to bring back Drag Racing in Connecticut?
... If you know of anybody that has a lot or paved area that would allow us to use it for that brief time for a demo event, please contact us immediately. A car show or cruise would be best, but not by any means necessary. An airport, an industrial area, whatever.
... IMPORTANT!!! If we can do this at a Car show in the next few weeks, and there's enough time (a week or two at least) to promote it, this demo event could draw a few hundred extra people. We will supply the timing equip. and help at no charge. When we did this a Sterling, we were THE HIT OF THE SHOW (quote from "LI Rides" magazine). We could be the big hit of the next CT show, so please invite us!
...Thanks, Jay Office 631-991-1614.

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